It’s Accountability Tuesday:
Have you drawn up your career development plan yet?
If you haven’t, there’s no better time to start than NOW because you joined in on the IG live session on Finding and Building a Career or watched the vide on my page, you should be able to kick it off by answering the questions below;
1. What are your career goals and objectives?
2. Do you have them documented?
3. What are the relevant skills and competencies required for no. 1 above?
4. Do you have specific timelines to achieve no. 3 above?
5. Do you feel you have the support required to help you reach your goals?
To be accountable for your career development means;
– You must be AWARE of what you’re trying to achieve
– You must take RESPONSIBILITY of doing what is required to achieve them.
– You will have to ANSWER to yourself because you are LIABLE for whatever outcome you achieve